Stylish Blogger Award

Today, I received a Stylish Blogger Award. *beams* And now I’m passing it on!
Here are the guidelines:
Link back to the person who gave it to you.
Give 7 facts about yourself.
Award 15 great bloggers you’ve recently discovered.
Contact them and tell them about the award.

So here it goes. I got the award from Angela Rain, Author in Training
Seven random facts about me:

* I played piano as a kid, but begged my mom to stop making me take lessons because I was too tired from swim team to practice the piano.

* I can touch the tip of my tongue to my nose.

* I like a good cry. It’s very relieving.

* I wasn’t sure I could handle being a therapist at first, but now I love it.

* I’m anxious about cars. I know nothing about car repair. Sometimes I obsessively worry I haven’t screwed the cap to the gas tank back on.

* Prison Break is my all time favorite TV show. Wentworth Miller = SWOON.

* When I was about twelve, I wrote an essay about why my mom should be “Mother of the Year” and when she won, I got a $200 mall gift certificate!

And now, I’m bestowing the award on my favorite blogs!
(I also love Joanna St. James’ blog but she already won the award).

13 thoughts on “Stylish Blogger Award”

  1. No way – I can touch the tip of my nose w/ my tongue too! Thank you so very much for the award. I shall display it proudly on my sidebar just as soon as I've completed the requirements.P.S. If you're \”carrot\” then I'm going to be \”Bloody Mary\” cuz the only time I eat celery is when it's saturated in tomato juice & vodka. 😉


  2. Wow! I think it's funny, when I was a kid I didn't want lessions for any musical instrument. But, now that I'm older, I would love to learn how to play the piano.Thanks so much for the award!


  3. Robin, that's the tough part! I had some formatting issues on my post so this lil' award took a lot longer to deal with than anticipated. I was tempted to list 10 bloggers and I wouldn't mind if you wanted to shorten the list.Nicki, (aka \”Bloody Mary\”) I knew we were weird mind twins!Carol, I look forward to seeing your list!Kelsey, I'd love to know how to play the piano better. I got to Fur Elise and then gave up.


  4. Saw your comment on CeleryTree and came over to meet you. Like you and all of our followers, I LOVE books! I'm now going to take a look at yours. A cover is so important, and yours is intriguing.


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