Welcoming the Fall Giveaway

It’s time, book aficianados. Welcoming the Fall Giveaway!

For the next week (9/22/10 through 9/29/10), I’m joining an awesome group of book bloggers for a giveaway. In honor of Halloween approaching, I’ll be giving away two vampire books: The Vampire Tapestry by Suzy McKee Charnas and Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris (the first book in the series that inspired True Blood). Bloodsuckers abound!

Before Edward Cullen, there was Edward Weygand…so NOT vegetarian.
And then there was vampire Bill. Really? The vampire is named Bill?
To enter (U.S. residents only), leave a comment with the following information:
* Your name and email address (if your email address is private then send me a message at jenniferlanebooks@gmail.com and leave a comment here)
* Your point total (between one and four). One point each if you:
   * Follow this blog, Jennifer Lane Books (+1)
   * Follow JenLanebooks on twitter (click on the birdie, top right) (+1)
   * Friend Jennifer Lane on goodreads.com (click on the “g”, top right)  (+1)
   * Add my novel, With Good Behavior, to your “to-read” list on goodreads (+1)
Each point is a chance to win these two books! I vant to suck your blood.
Now go visit the other participating blogs!

65 thoughts on “Welcoming the Fall Giveaway”

  1. Hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, your book sounds very interesting!Name is Marie, email missmariefrancis(at)yahoo(dot)com+1 Following your blog+1 Following you on twitter (I'm mari3francis)+1 Friended you on goodreads.com+1 Added your book to my \”to-read\” list on goodreads.com


  2. Please count me inchaarmedone1512@aol.comFollow this blog, Jennifer Lane Books (+1)Lora1967Follow JenLanebooks on twitter (click on the birdie, top right) (+1) Lora1967 * Friend Jennifer Lane on goodreads.com (click on the \”g\”, top right) (+1)Lora1967 * Add my novel, With Good Behavior, to your \”to-read\” list on goodreads (+1 Lora1967+4


  3. Thanks for the chance. The Vampire Tapestry sounds really good.+1 GFC follower+1 twitter follower – @donnas1+1 GR friend request sent (Donna S)bacchus76 at myself dot com


  4. Please enter me in the contest.+1 New follower on GFC+1 Follow on Twitter @mbreakfield+1 Sent friend request on Goodreads +1 Added book to my \”to read\” listmarlenebreakfield(at)yahoo(dot)com


  5. what a great giveaway!follower on GFC – pams00Follow on Twitter – pams00Added on Goodreads – Pamela SinclairAdded book to my \”to read\” listPam Spams00 @ aol.com


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