Hero Hair

It’s time for a very important blog post about hair. More specifically, ROMANTIC HERO HAIR. Head hair, facial hair, chest hair . . . I want to hear your thoughts about all of it.

I’m four chapters into writing my current work-in-progress, titled Twin Sacrifice, and my protagonist has luscious long black locks, in a ponytail. Go ahead, you can laugh. (I did.) Long hair on guys tends to make me giggle, but I went for it because his girlish mane is integral to the plot. Now maybe you didn’t laugh, and you actually like the Fabio look on your romantic hero. If so, tell me why, you freak! (I won’t judge, really.)

What kind of hair do you prefer for romantic heroes? I’m a big fan of short, neat, black or dark-brown hair. However, if the hero is delicious in so many other ways, I’m willing to relax my standards. Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series comes to mind. Jamie is a tall eighteenth century Scot with flowing long red hair and intense blue eyes. I typically don’t go for redheads in real life, but Jamie is a tremendous fictional character and oh so fine.

Onto facial hair . . . what’s your favorite look? I love a clean-shaven man wearing a subtle masculine aftershave.

And finally, chest hair: yea or nay? Although I’m not a fan of a forest growing on the guy’s chest, I don’t think I’m quite as picky on this hair “style”. As a former college swimmer, I had the pleasure of ogling some beautiful pectoral muscles that had been smoothly shaved (along with the rest of their bodies). The smooth look was quite nice, but I’ll also take a man with some manly chest hair.

And now we proceed from hero hair to hopping . . .

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13 thoughts on “Hero Hair”

  1. Ooh, what a delicious topic. I have to admit to being a sucker for the \”intentionally messy\” look that I see in a lot of stories these days, but just like in real life, I'm open to any kind of hair on my hero so long as it fits their personality. Not every guy can pull off a ponytale, but on the right guy, I'm all over him…I mean it. And I'm not typically a fan of a lot of chest hair, but on a certain 500-year-old vampire, the hairier the better. And in one new release, Victoria Michaels' Trust in Advertising, one of her leading men is completely bald and he couldn't be sexier.


  2. I’m more of a clean cut kinda gal. I can do rugged (although it would be scratchy/prickly to kiss!) and messy I-don’t-fuss-about-my-appearance men, but the longer and more flowing the *girly* locks…….. :s Pony tails……. :S (If it’s historical, I understand.)Bushy chest hair is highly off-putting (especially when sweaty!) *has horror flashbacks of John Black sweating in Stefano’s dungeon* That said, none of US are perfect, so why expect the man to look perfect? I can overlook ‘flaws’ if the hero’s personality is awesome! In fact, it makes him more realistic/approachable. 🙂


  3. Nicki–yes, the mussed hair look does seem to be popular these days, especially in Young Adult fiction. That could work! I agree that the look needs to fit the personality. A strait-laced guy with a ponytail will probably come off as a poseur. I haven't had a chance to read Trust in Advertising yet but that would be great to see a bald man in all his sexy glory.Shona–ha ha! Woolly mammoth for you, eh?Nix–I'm with you, and the rugged look is good as well (as long as he believes in showers). Yes, and perfection is off-putting, which is one lesson I'm learning as a writer. I'm laughing hysterically about your John Black comment from Days of Our Lives! 😀


  4. am not really big on hair although McDreamy's or Federer's locks would be a plus. As to the rest of the body hair its a big no-no for me UNTIL I get a crush. I had a crush on a guy a few months later when I was over him at lunch he sees me and walks over with his top buttons undone I believe I gagged when i saw his chest hair.


  5. Tee hee, I love the post! For some reason my heroines always have dark hair and my guys always have messy curls. I have to go through when editing and make some variety :p


  6. Joanna–McDreamy's hair is rather nice. Big bummer on your crush making you gag from his chest hair! ;DErica–thanks for stopping by. I too get stuck in a rut with my hero since I'm inspired by one particular actor. I guess we all have our \”type\” but it is good to have some variety too.


  7. LOL at Fabio! The first time I learnt that name, I was watching The Bachelorette. The Bachelorette had just picked the \”right\” guy and they were happily frolicking on the beach. 🙂 It then came up that she had dated 'Fabio' in the past — next minute HE dumped HER! This all happened in the last 2 minutes of the finale and was mighty confusing for people who have never heard of 'Fabio'! (The people watching the finale with me hadn't heard of him either!) I immediately googled him and realised that I did recognise him from somewhere. ;)P.S. The Fabio look? A no no.


  8. I like my men with dark brown or black hair -Edward Cullen and Brad Pitt are the glaring exceptions-. It can be perfectly cut and styled or messy sex hair, but it needs to be clean and soft. Long hair (pony tail long)… Nope… not for me.I like to look at a five o´clock shadow, but enjoy much better the feel of a clean, fresh smelling, just shaved face… Chest hair… I´m used to it. But I like the look of uninterrupted, lean muscles… so no body hair for my heroes.


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