Book Review: Life, Liberty, and Pursuit by Susan Kaye Quinn

Life, Liberty, and PursuitLife, Liberty, and Pursuit by Susan Kaye Quinn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet and Satisfying Young Adult Romance!

Susan Kaye Quinn has created a warm, wet world in her debut novel Life, Liberty, and Pursuit. Eliza and David meet when he rescues her from falling into a swimming pool, and they continue to have cruise ship adventures on their whirlwind romance until they’re faced with the saddening prospect of a long-distance relationship. Susan keeps the reader in suspense the entire novel about what choices Eliza and David will make in navigating their murky future.

At first I thought “Here we go again with another wimpy damsel in distress” but I was very pleasantly surprised when Eliza proves her own mettle by rescuing David right back. They throw out a metaphorical life raft to each other, not only to save a life but also to save liberty and pursuit. I thoroughly enjoyed how their love and support enabled each to develop and to reach new heights. They became stronger individuals as a result of their union. As the character Nicholas states on page 191, “That’s what love is supposed to be like. It’s supposed to make you better.” I couldn’t agree more.

A wonderful read, Susan!

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28 thoughts on “Book Review: Life, Liberty, and Pursuit by Susan Kaye Quinn”

  1. Hi Eeleen, thank YOU for stopping by and good luck whipping those characters into shape! When I fenced with my characters in With Good Behavior, one of them ended up getting stabbed, yikes.


  2. Hello! I came over from Karen's marvellous blog BBQ – pleased to 'meet' you! :)Lovely review – gives me a great impression of the book without giving anything away. I think this will add to my TBR pile (which grows daily!)


  3. Hey there, new follower on board! Love this because I'm actually a senior Psychology student, applying for grad schools and all : ) as well as an aspiring writer


  4. Oh you're applying to grad school — I'm sorry. 😉 Getting into grad school (a counseling psych M.A./Ph.D. program) was a very arduous process for me, so if you're going the clinical route and need any tips let me know. I love being a psychologist! Thanks for following, Erica. Jen xx


  5. I'd really love to come there…too bad I live \”over the ocean\”, so I am \”over the sea\” ;)Bring back some wine for me !I hope you'll have a wonderful time !


  6. Hey Angie and Nicole–great blogs you gals have. Thanks for stopping by!Jan, Crazy Jane's was fun to visit. I hope you get to experience the book launch soon!Hello Cecile! Maybe they'll have Montrachet wine at the wine shop for my book signing 🙂


  7. Nice to \”meet\” you, Jennifer. I spent quite a few years in Columbus, OH, so I'm somewhat familiar with your stomping grounds. Just headed over from the BBQ to say hi!


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