Videos, Articles, and Blog Hops Oh My!

Today’s cheesy post title comes from my recent viewing of Wicked. After seeing that musical, which was immensely better than the book in my opinion, The Wizard of Oz phrases are on my mind (the touring production is fantastic, by the way! I highly recommend the show).

Anyway, I have several announcements to share:

1) My author website https://jenniferlanebooks.com/ is now complete. Please visit the tabs above to peruse the site, including the book video trailer link from the home page (or you can click on the youtube button to your right). Micha from Omnific Publishing did a wonderful job making the video trailer and I think it’s a perfect representation of With Good Behavior.

2) Jenni Conner from the Seattle Examiner website helped me expand upon a past blog post for the article “Jennifer Lane Is Having an Identity Crisis: Psychologist, Writer, or Psycho Writer?” which you can find here.

3) Finally, it’s Monday, so you know what that means . . . Meet an Author Monday! It’s time to hop some blogs, people.

For more complete instructions, please scroll down to the blog post below. The Blog Hop is for both authors and readers, as a way to network your blog and your books.

*Authors, keep the blog hop going by copying and pasting the instructions, crazy-girl-surrounded-by-books button above, and the “Get the Code” link below into your own blog. Also, add your blog when you click on the “You’re Next!” link on Lisa Sanchez’s Confessions of a California Cheer Mom blog.

*Readers, hop from blog to blog to check out some new authors.

8 thoughts on “Videos, Articles, and Blog Hops Oh My!”

  1. “Psycho writer” is the one that stood out for me too! ;DCongratulations on… EVERYTHING, Jen! Heck, you’re even being published by the Seattle Examiner!! Very cool.


  2. You're right about Wicked. Great musical, not a great book. I loved the sets and costumes, in fact they overshadowed the reat in some ways. I'm enjoying the Blog hop.


  3. Hey Nix,How did I KNOW you'd say that? You, the woman who cheers when one of my clients cancels or no-shows, claiming that another one escaped? ;)Thanks for the congrats, mi amiga.


  4. Tahlia, the book was just strange. Strange and dark. Whoever wrote the musical did an admirable job of plucking out the best parts of the book and adding in a more hopeful storyline, somehow managing to tie up all the loose ends from The Wizard of Oz in the process. The costumes were incredible! One of my coworkers dresses some of the cast and we got a backstage look at all of the funky shoes, hats, and jackets. This blog hop has been a great idea by Lisa Sanchez.


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