Release Date

The latest news is that the release date for With Good Behavior will likely be late July 13th, 2010. Yeah! Jeffery Hoyle, the Omnific marketing associate who has been guiding me through this winding road of publication, is hard at work creating the website jenniferlanebooks.com. The manuscript is now in the hands of my Omnific managing editor, Cindy Campbell. (We’re working on streamlining the flashbacks so that only one point of view is represented, as well as fact-checking to increase accuracy). Omnific is also looking over the sequel, currently titled Couples Counseling, for possible publication. And I’m charged with getting my photo taken professionally (insert fake cheer) for the book jacket. It’s quickly coming together!

2 thoughts on “Release Date”

  1. Exciting!!! I'm sure it must be a lil' chaotic, doing the finishing touches at the last minute (give or take a week or two). But in the grand scheme of things, what's a couple of weeks? More time to 'perfect' things!I'm thrilled to hear about Couples Counseling – the story just wouldn't feel complete without it! Most importantly, I'm looking forward to adding another photo of you to my Jen-shrine. I'm going to put it right between your lock of hair and your used tissue that I rescued from the paper basket. 🙂 (Hey, you're gonna have to start getting used to crazed fans! 😉


  2. Ha ha ha! You are insane. I can understand the lock of hair (my hair color is kind of close to Sophie's strawberry-blond) but a used tissue? Ew!The release date may be up to 2 weeks later than June 22nd due to some unforeseen circumstances. I'll get a new post up soon with an update. Thanks Nixie, loyal blog follower!


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