X is for X-Rated

Are you a fan of erotica? I’m a prude at heart, and I used to blush when reading any sex scene. But when I started reading and writing fan fiction, my reaction changed. Now I enjoy a well-written sex scene, and I’ve read quite a few stories with BDSM, male-male romance, and kink . . . nothing fazes me anymore. I do prefer more plot than sex in romance novels, but a well-crafted intimate scene that advances plot and characterization is wonderful.

At my book club last night (see the Book Club tab above to learn more about these lovely ladies) we not only discussed our chosen read for the month (see my review of the hilarious Domestic Violets HERE), but also the erotica Dom-sub sensation Fifty Shades of Grey.

I still haven’t read Fifty but I must see what it’s all about soon. My friend Sally wasn’t impressed by the writing but there’s definitely something in there that keeps you reading.

Sally shared one theory about our attraction to books like Twilight and Fifty: women want to be desired. Edward and Christian desire their objects of affection so much that they become possessive and stalkerish, and women are drawn to such adulation.

Do you enjoy erotica? Why do you think Fifty Shades of Grey is so popular?

14 thoughts on “X is for X-Rated”

  1. I do enjoy erotica, though I don't write it… haven't yet anyway. The reason I don't write it is 'cause I'm too embarrassed and scared I won't do a good job. haha. But as for reading it, yes, anytime! πŸ˜‰ But I much prefer it if there is a gripping plot that makes me desperately yearn for things to work out with the characters in the 'right way'. If I care about the characters, then the hot scenes are even hotter!


  2. I hear you, Trisha. I was squirming writing my first sex scene. I even had a comment on a review of With Good Behavior that the scene felt a bit awkward, which didn't surprise me! Hopefully I'm getting better as I go but I'm like you in wanting to focus more on plot and characterization.


  3. Reading erotica? Nope I don't πŸ˜‰ But I've written a sex scene in one of my books, and wrote it tastefully. Just like you said, I propelled the story forward with what happens in the scene. πŸ˜€


  4. I don't mind a good sex scene in a book, but some of them can be so cheesy which is why I usually steer clear of erotica! Not crazy about writing it either, because it's hard to make it sound good lol.


  5. I try to be mindful that all sorts of readers will be looking into hero's and heroine's adventures. I try to imagine CASABLANCA when writing love scenes. If it could fly within the tastes of that movie, then I go with it.Though the kissing sequence in THE PATH BACK TO DAWN and the sequence in BLACK ROSES IN AVALON where Fallen gets Blake to put the \”fire\” in her weapons gunpowder tread that fine line!


  6. I used to be really demure and vague about my sex scenes, till 2007. That was the year before i made my own sexual debut, and I'm still surprised by how graphic I was after I got over my inhibitions and hangups about writing dirty talk and more detailed sex/makeout scenes. If I should decide to write some books that are erotica-only instead of my usual historical fiction with occasional sex scenes or romantic elements, I'm using another pseudonym.


  7. Carrie-Ann, I think it's something about desensitization where once you're into erotic scenes, you quickly get IN to them! It's kind of like exposure therapy (pun intended). Yo go, girl!


  8. I read a little of \”everything\”, if you catch my meaning so I was all on board to give Fifty a try. Then, *drop bomb* MY MOM READS IT!! Ack! Call me childish…but I just don't know if I can process those words knowing that my mother read it!! LOL


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