O is for Omnific Publishing

Have you heard of Omnific? It’s a small press publisher that’s released my first three novels, and I’ve been quite pleased to work with the wonderful individuals involved.

When I was querying agents for With Good Behavior (and getting nowhere), I happened upon Omnific and found a great fit for my romance novels. I’ve learned so much about publishing and marketing from these feisty ladies.

The publisher is Elizabeth Harper, Ph.D.–a psychologist like me. I’m lucky she gave my writing a chance! Here she is with some of her staff at the Romantic Times convention:

Micha Stone, Jessica Royer Ocken, CJ Creel, Elizabeth Harper, Lisa O’Hara

Jessica, CJ, and Lisa have whipped my manuscripts into shape with their keen editing skills, and Micha has been a whiz at marketing.

At the convention, I was also stoked to meet fellow Omnific author and A to Z Blogger Nicki Elson (check out her Disney tips HERE).

Jennifer Lane and Nicki Elson

Since Omnific’s first releases launched on 2-14-10, they haven’t looked back. Check out Omnific’s site for writing tips and compelling romance!

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