Winners and Losers

Congratulations to Sapphyria for winning the short story anthology Summer Breeze!

Visit and follow her at http://saphsbookblog.blogspot.com/

A signed print copy will be in the mail to you soon, Sapphyria. I hope you enjoy the variety of sweet romance stories in the anthology, especially knowing you’re benefiting the breast cancer research organization Save the Ta-tas.

I’m feeling rather exhausted today after spending four jam-packed days at the American Psychological Association convention in Washington, D.C. Walking around the city in the stifling humidity left me “glistening” and wilted, definitely not a professional look for me. It was wonderful to catch up with colleagues and friends. Happily I finished my term as a leader in one of the APA divisions, which will give me more time to pursue my beloved writing.

My division dealt with some drama involving a narcissistic psychologist, stimulating some thought about narcissistic characters in novels. I’m rather fascinated by individuals who seem so cocky on the outside yet so fragile and wounded on the inside. (Check out my post about Narcissistic Personality Disorder here).

This psychologist asserted that others in our field were hurting clients by using unsubstantiated interventions, pretending to be experts despite just having finished training. The ironic thing is this man is doing the exact same thing. I giggled when one audience member asked him if he had a citation for one outrageous claim and he had to answer no. The psychologist might make a few good points here and there but he’s so abrasive and pathetically smug that he alienates everyone from his message.

I’m excited to finish editing my Young Adult swimming story featuring a narcissistic father. Hopefully you’ll find him fascinating too.

Time for the Meet an Author Monday Blog Hop, hosted today by Killian McRae HERE.


6 thoughts on “Winners and Losers”

  1. Hey, I'm on the hop now too. 🙂 You call him narcissistic, I call him jerk, hehe (even though I don't know him I know the type. Glad he could prove himself worthwhile by giving you character inspiration!


  2. Thanks, Nicki! The linky tool is misbehaving for me, grr. Yes, the \”type\” is ubiquitous. Don't feel bad about calling him a jerk–he can take responsibility for learning how to get along better with others as an adult, even if he did have a compromised childhood.


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