Naming and Promoting a Series

In the midst of editing the sequel to With Good Behavior, titled Bad Behavior, I got to thinking that this would be a good time to name the series. Omnific Publishing will release Bad Behavior in 2011.

I haven’t decided if I’ll write a third novel in the series, but if I do it will likely be titled On Best Behavior. I have lots of plot bunnies hopping around in my head for the third installment.

If you haven’t read With Good Behavior, here’s a brief synopsis:

How would you recover from being unjustly imprisoned? Sophie Taylor and Grant Madsen are finding out just what it takes. Freshly paroled in Chicago, Sophie and Grant meet on their parole officer’s doorstep. The former psychologist and Navy lieutenant help each other navigate life on the outside, failing to realize the hidden mafia connection that will threaten both their love and their lives.

Would you help me brainstorm some series titles? Here are some potential titles:

The Behavior Series (snore)

The Naughty Behavior Series (sounds like a bodice-ripper for sure hee hee)

Behavioral Analysis (this taps into the therapy component of the series but may be a bit dry)

The “Oh Behave” Series (my editor Jessica suggested this, ha ha. Yeah, baby!)

Other ideas?

Also, I’m hoping to start a Facebook page for the series sometime in the near future. Since I’m a technotard, I’m not sure which kind of page to create. What are the pros and cons of creating a profile vs. a page? A community page vs. an official page?

Thank you in advance for all of your help!

Now onto the Meet an Author Monday Blog Hop. Read about the details here.

8 thoughts on “Naming and Promoting a Series”

  1. I’m terrible at this! Okay, let’s start the brainstorming:….*did*…. *then deleted the lot of them*….My gut likes:The Behavior series (simple, straightforward — you say snore?)or…The CONduct series?I’ll keep thinking!


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