Sharing Stories Online

Writing for an online community has been the perfect outlet for the introverted and extroverted aspects of my personality. After a full week of seeing psychotherapy clients, there is nothing more restorative than sitting on my sofa with my laptop and plus-sized cat, happily writing a tale that can put to use my obsessive interest in exploring my characters’ thoughts and feelings. But after a time, writing can get lonely. That’s where posting my stories online comes in. I have developed friendships all across the globe, from London to Australia to South Africa, and it has been so fun to incorporate readers’ ideas and insights into my stories.

11 thoughts on “Sharing Stories Online”

  1. LOL niksnie. Now, who would have thought that! ;)BTW Jen: I do hope they sell and ship copies to us living overseas from the US??!


  2. Hi Ina,I'm not sure about the availability of print copies outside the U.S., but you can definitely purchase an e-book through omnificpublishing.com, and it's only $4.99.


  3. Sorry it took me so long to get onto the blog properly, who knew ff and college work could be so demanding?Loving the blog and look forward to being able to read the book hunSqueek xx


  4. Hi Jenifer! Thank you for writing those wonderful stories about MiSa. I'm a huge fan of PB from Vietnam. I really like your fictions, especially \”Spark\”.I hope you will update the new one soon. Wish you best! (Sorry for my bad English!)


  5. Hi Pisces, Wow, a reader from Vietnam? How awesome! Welcome to the blog, and thank you for your kind words about my stories. Your English is great, by the way. Somehow we're trying to move on without PB in our lives . . .


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